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Bagrut 2014

Summer Bagrut


  •  Timetable of the Summer Bagrut Exams 2014 (posted April 22, 2014)
     (Choose "Bagrut Tests", then choose May 15)

  • Bagrut teachers please note: 
    Grades for the oral Bagrut are to be filled in on the 9540 form. There is no change from last year. The same is true for the grades of the Log. (posted Mar. 2014)

  • The Computerized Bagrut Exam – Summer 2014 (posted Mar. 6, 2014)
  • Dates of Bagrut Exams (posted Feb. 24, 2014)

  • 1. The ​​mikud has been cancelled as of this summer ( 2014) and therefore the text and the task types of the summer ​​moed Bagrut exam and the ​​moed bet Bagrut exam will not necessarily be the same.

    2. As of the​ ​Summer ​​moed 2014 the "old" D and F modules will no longer be available.  All students are required to be tested on the ​ D and F​ literature modules. (posted Feb. 17, 2014)



 Winter Bagrut


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