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Thinking through Literature and Culture (TLC)

We are very happy to announce our new site for supporting the literature program: Thinking through Literature and Culture (TLC)

The TLC site has been designed as a resource center for English teachers to learn about the implementation and assessment of the English Inspectorate’s literature program.

The TLC site mirrors and supports the in-service training program. It aims, in part, to help teachers who have not yet participated in an in-service course to understand how to plan and implement the literature program in their classrooms.   In addition, the site helps and supports teachers who have participated in the in-service training course and have begun implementing the program in their classes, but want to be able to refer back to specific issues as well as to be able to keep abreast of developments, updates and peer sharing.

This site includes official information, details and examples of the different elements included in the literature program, including webcasts of how to explicitly teach HOTS, webcasted lectures about the Key Components, approved sample Unit Planners and accompanying activities, as well as recordings of teachers teaching the program in their classrooms.

In addition, the literary texts that are on the Bagrut Exam, for which we have been able to purchase copyrights, have been recorded by volunteers, and are accompanied by the screening of highlighted text segments during the reading.

While the site is ready to be used, it is in no way yet complete. We will continue making and adding webcasts, materials from the courses and lots, lots more. We hope you find it a source of help and inspiration when planning and teaching the literature program to your students.

   Last Updated:  23/09/2016  

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