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 Updates for the Literature Exam

Literature Modules D and F:  Please tell your students that this year this will be a separate Answer Booklet for the ​​D and ​​F ​​literature modules.  This Answer booklet is in addition to the Exam Booklet, which will only have the questions.  Only the Answer Booklet will be marked.  This has been done as a result of feedback from teachers that students did not have a enough room to write their answers.  It is very important that your students are told about this. ​ Also inform the person who is charge of the Bagrut exams​ at your school.  S/he needs to know that each student now needs to get TWO booklets:  an Exam Booklet and an Answer Booklet. (posted May 7, 2014)

 Information about Random Sampling of the Logs  (posted April 30, 2014)

 1. As of the​ ​Summer ​​moed 2014 the "old" D and F modules will no longer be available.  All students are required to be tested on the ​ D and F​ literature modules.

2. The instruction for the extended HOTS question in the D and F Literature modules is:  For this question, use ONE of the thinking skills from the Appendix (נספח) on page 11 OR any thinking skill studied in class. (10 points for the content of the answer, 5 points for the correct use of the thinking skill)​. 

3. Examples of extended H​OTS​​ questions appear on p. 51 of the Teacher's Handbook 
4. The number of points for the Bridging Text and Context has been reduced: Module D: 15 points; Module F: 20 points. (posted Feb. 17, 2014)

 Calculation of Final Grade for Logs Summer 2014:

In light of the changes in the number of pieces for the Literature Program found in the Halima document which was publicized in June 2013, there will be three alternatives for the final calculation of the Log for Moed Summer 2014 ONLY.
Following are the three alternative ways for calculating your students’ Logs for Summer 2014:
Alternative #1: Include only the 6 required pieces according to the new calculation page in the handbook and on the excel spreadsheets on the TLC site.
Alternative #2: If you have already taught more poems than is necessary, count the student’s best poem grades and hand in only the  6 required pieces.
Alternative #3: If you have already taught all of the short pieces and only have the play left to do, you can either choose alternative 1 or 2 or hand in the entire number of  pieces with the old calculation page (note: the excel spreadsheets on the TLC site are only for the new 6-piece programs)
 As of Summer 2015, all Logs MUST include the required number of pieces and genres stipulated in the updated Summer 2013 Literature Teachers’ Handbook.

 Changes in the Bagrut Literature Program  (posted August 26, 2013)

 Dear High School Teachers,

We are very happy to announce the updated Literature Teachers’ Handbook, which can be downloaded from the front page of the TLC site. The updated Handbook includes all of the changes that have been decided upon and coincides with the Halima document. The entire file can be downloaded, however we highly recommend using it as a file on your computer, since the Table of Contents is linked to the different pages.  At the end of the Handbook there is a linked Appendix, which leads to all of the charts and files you will need to fill in, as well as other enrichment documents that you will find helpful for implementing this program.


Wishing you and your students a wonderful school year! (posted August 21, 2013)

 Letter to Principals about Reporting the Grades for the Log (posted May 5, 2013)

 Reminder about the Literature Module (Winter Moed):

In the winter moed, (January 15, 2013), five-point internal students can only take the F literature module (016117) or do the Log (016177).  They are NOT allowed to take the older version of module F (016107). (posted Nov. 14) 

 Literature Log : Approval Process for New Texts (posted July12, 2012)

 Reporting the Grades for the Log on the 9540 Form (posted May 9th, 2012)

 Reminder about Reporting the Grades of the Log

The red 9540 form with the final grades for the Literature Program for the Log needs to be given to the tachana klita in the summer moed only (a day before the date of the English Bagrut exam or on the day of the English Bagrut exam).  A copy of the form needs to be kept at school.  


(posted February 8, 2012)

 Bagrut Literature Module on the TLC Site (posted January 11, 2012)

 List of Literary Texts for Logs (posted January 5, 2012)
 Literature Bagrut Module - Update for Internal and External Students (posted Dec. 19, 2011)

 The site for supporting the literature program: Thinking through Literature and Culture (TLC). Click here to read more about the site. (posted Apr. 26)

 Guidelines for Teaching the Literature Program to Students with Learning Disabilities (posted Apr. 13)

 Announcement from the Director-General's Bulletin: Changes in the Literature Program  (posted Dec. 9)

 The Six HOTS  (posted Dec. 9)

 Changes in the Literature Program: Explanations and Clarifications (posted October 24)

 Changes in the Literature Program (posted October 18)

 Rubric for Assessing the Literature Bridging Task - Four and Five Points

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