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 We are in the process of selecting new literary texts for the literature Bagrut exam for modules D and F.  Teachers who would like to suggest a text are requested to send the following information to Bari Nirenberg at bari.texts@gmail.com by Wednesday, November 26th:

Name of text
URL or book in which the text appears (or a scanned copy of the text)
The level (four or five points) for which you are suggesting the text

Please note that in order to be approved, texts must meet the criteria in the literature Handbook.  You can review the criteria here. (posted November, 2014)

 In the Winter moed, students will write their answers in the literature exam booklet, as they had done in the past.  (In other words, it will not be like it was in the Summer when the students answered the questions in a separate notebook.)  (posted Nov. 5, 2014)

 FAQs regarding the Changes in the Literature Program and the Bagrut Reforms (posted Nov. 4, 2014)

Explanations of the Changes in the Literature Program  (posted Sept. 9, 2014) 

 Information about Random Sampling of the Logs  (posted April 30, 2014)

 1. As of the​ ​Summer ​​moed 2014 the "old" D and F modules will no longer be available.  All students are required to be tested on the ​ D and F​ literature modules.

2. The instruction for the extended HOTS question in the D and F Literature modules is:  For this question, use ONE of the thinking skills from the Appendix (נספח) on page 11 OR any thinking skill studied in class. (10 points for the content of the answer, 5 points for the correct use of the thinking skill)​. 

3. Examples of extended H​OTS​​ questions appear on p. 51 of the Teacher's Handbook 
4. The number of points for the Bridging Text and Context has been reduced: Module D: 15 points; Module F: 20 points. (posted Feb. 17, 2014)

 Changes in the Bagrut Literature Program  (posted August 26, 2013)

 Literature Log : Approval Process for New Texts (posted July12, 2012)

 Reporting the Grades for the Log on the 9540 Form (posted May 9th, 2012)

 The site for supporting the literature program: Thinking through Literature and Culture (TLC). Click here to read more about the site. (posted Apr. 26)

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