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Hozer Mafmar/Mancal

 Bulletin for the Chief Inspector of English 2019 (posted July 2019)

 Bulletin of the Chief Inspector for English Updated (Hozer Mafmar) (posted August 2018)  


 Appointing Advisory Committee (posted February 2018)  

 Bulletin of the Chief Inspector for English  (Hozer Mafmar) (posted September 2017)  

 Bulletin of the Chief Inspector for English (Hozer Mafmar) (posted August 2016)

 Hozer Mafmar and Sample Exams (posted August 2015)

 חוזר מנכ"ל: (תשעה) 3.6-2  פורטל חדש לעובדי הוראה
(posted February 2015)

 חוזר מנכ"ל: (תשעה) 3.1-3  מענקי הקרן לעידוד יזמות חינוכיות לשנת התשע"ו   
(posted February 2015)

 Hozer Mancal: Moedim of Testing for Special Populations
Please note the last line in this hozer:
Three-point students can take English Bagrut exam in the winter of the 11th grade. (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 Announcements in the Hozer Mancal, November 2013: Writing in Coursebooks  (posted Dec. 12, 2013)

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