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A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary

 Dear English teachers,
In light of the recent research on the importance and impact of direct vocabulary instruction in raising achievements in EFL, the English inspectorate will be introducing a vocabulary task into Module E as of Winter 2020.

This new vocabulary task will be based on knowledge of the items in Band III. We therefore recommend that you target specific vocabulary instruction based on Band III, beginning with your 10th and 11th grade classes this year. Suggestions and information can be found by clicking on the Vocabulary icon on the English inspectorate site. Further details will be forthcoming.

Dr Tziona Levi
Chief inspector, English Language Education (posted November 2018)

 To understand what English teachers think about vocabulary teaching and assessment please answer this survey.  By expressing your opinion, you will have the opportunity to influence decision making and policy.   (posted December 2018)

 Vocabulary Learning and Assessment: A Pilot in the Bagrut Test Module E, Summer 2019 (posted December 2018) 

Clarification on the Pilot in Module E    (posted December 2018)

Sample of the Test Questions that will Appear in the Pilot for Module E, Summer 2019 and List of Words and Chunks (posted December 2018)

 A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary updated (posted September 2018)

 Resources Presented by Roger Cohen from the American Embassy at Summer School 2018

3 Fluency Activities by Roger Cohen (American Embassy)

The Phrasal Verb Pedagogical (PHaVE) List Users' Manual

List of Most Frequent Phrasal Verbs 

Corpus Linguistics and Grammar Teaching by Douglas Biber & Susan Conrad

Potential of Voice Recording Tools in Language Instruction by Sachiko Aoki (Article)

Beyond single words: the most frequent collocations in spoken English by Dongkwang Shin and Paul Nation (Article) (posted July 2018)

 Vocabulary Bands:

Vocabulary Band I

Vocabulary Band II

Vocabulary Band III    (posted July 2018)

  Working with Phrasal Verbs (from the Ladders site) (posted July 2018)

 Summer School 2018: Recorded Lectures from the Summer School Conference that took place July 1-2 in Jerusalem (posted July 2018)

Additional Materials

 The Reali English Department in Haifa divided Band III into three sections and made a list for each grade. They then put the words into groups of 20 and created practice sets using Quizlet.

Band III- Vocabulary Grade 12

Band III- Vocabulary Grade 11

Band III- Vocabulary Grade 10

12th grade Quizlet lists

11th grade Quizlet lists

10th grade Quizlet lists   (posted November 2018)

 Power of Words, TED Lecture by Dr. Charles Browne
(posted November 2018)

 Lexical Chunks for Writing Updated, Ladders Cluster Meeting. Prepared by Elinor Karsagi

Booklet with explanation.
(posted November 2018)

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