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  1. The department for absorbing new immigrant students and returning residents is responsible for their well adjustment and full integration.
  2. The department allocates special hours for new immigrants to acquire the Hebrew language.
  3. The department allocates hours and special programs for new immigrant students and returning residents to improve and enrich the language and fill in gaps in the different subjects of studies.
  4. School fees are transferred automatically to the schools for the new immigrant students.
  5. New immigrants and returning residents are entitled to special consideration and special facilitations on their Bagrut tests.
  6. School counselors have been trained to meet the emotional aspects resulting from intercultural passages.
  7. Russian and Amharic speaking educational bridging experts are acting in different settlements, schools and kindergartens with a lot of new immigrants.
  8. Inspectors, coordinators and guides for new immigrants are working in all areas of the country; you can apply your questions to them.
  9. To get more details you can call the department phone office: 02-5603620,  02-5603619
  1. More information can be found on the department site:



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