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Science and Technology Administration



A word about the Science and Technology Administration from the Director


Since the establishment of Israel, it has been clear to policy makers that without natural resources, science and technology must form the nation’s economic backbone. That was over 50 years ago, but reality has proved this to be true.

The Science and Technology Administration was founded in 1995 from the Department of Science and Technology, and ever since it has worked diligently to ensure that graduates of the education system respond to the current needs of industry and the military.

Our ability to provide children with science and technology (S&T) education that in terms of its scope and quality is in line with the requirements of this highly demanding century will lead to social and economic empowerment, and to the prosperity of Israel.

The Science and Technology Administration is a professional unit in the Ministry of Education, which is engaged in three key fields:


  • Science education
  • Technology education
  • Computer applications in education


These fields are interrelated and the Science and Technology Administration takes an integrative approach that strives to ensure that graduates have the knowledge and skills required to become part of society, industry and research.

One of the Administration’s main goals is to expose students to the wonderful world of science and technology, and to encourage them to become part of industry and of research and development in Israel.
In the current term, headed by Minister of Education Gideon Sa'ar and the Director General of the Ministry of Education Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, the Science and Technology Administration is driving three national programs that are among the Ministry’s objectives:


  • Improving knowledge and achievements in science and technology
  • Adapting the system of education to the 21st century
  • Strengthening technology education


At the social level, the Science and Technology Administration’s objectives are in keeping with the main objectives of the Ministry of Education, and also focus on narrowing social gaps and promoting social mobility. It is our hope that it will not only be the privileged few who get to benefit from the use of advanced technologies, but the entire population of students.

The Science and Technology Administration is home to S&T education in Israel and, as such, it invites everybody who believes strongly in education to join us and help us promote S&T education in Israel, bringing it to the global forefront.


The following are the senior executives of the Administration:


  • Dr. Ofer Rimon, Director, Science and Technology Administration
  • Dr. Florence Azran, District Team Coordinator
  • Mr. Gershon Cohen, Head, Technology Field
  • Shoshi Cohen, Manager, Science and Technology and Chief Inspector of Science and Technology Studies
  • Roni Dayan, Head of ICT Applications in Education Wing
  • Mr. Sammy Caplan, Head of Computers Wing
  • Mr. Amnon Chernika, Head of Post-Secondary Education Wing


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