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 Have a question?  Ask Judy Steiner

 Dates of Winter and Summer Bagrut Examinations (posted Oct. 20, 2014)

 Micraz: English Inspector in the North

 Tutorial for Help with the Expert's Site (Marvad)

From Adele Raemer:
I have recorded a tutorial for registering for the Expert's Site (Marvad). I could ONLY do it for those who have signed up already (since I , myself already signed up... no idea when!) but I hope this helps at least some of you. Actually, for those who are signing up from scratch, it should not be any harder, since they haven't had the chance to forget their password yet .

In short - some of the confusion (for me, anyway) was the fact that there are two types of passwords: 1) the one you get when you sign up, and that stays with you forever. 2) when you go in as a double-safe, you are sent a password for verification to the mobile number that you registered on the site when you signed in.

At any rate, watch the tutorial (it is about 12 minutes long) and if you have trouble, call support (03) 530-0804- from 7:30 - 23:00. I found them VERY helpful.
Here is the tutorial - please feel free to share it with other teachers. (posted Sept. 16, 2014)

 Training Course for Teaching the Art of Translation (Two points) (posted Sept. 9, 2014)

 Explanations of the Changes in the Literature Program  (posted Sept. 9, 2014) 

 Dear English Teachers,

The first day of school always has its special energy, unlike any other day of the year.  Feelings of anticipation, curiosity, and happiness all come together.
However, this year unfortunately is  marked by additional feelings as a result of a country that has been at war; feelings of loss, sadness, fear, and uncertainty.

Hopefully, our students will find comfort of once again being together, sharing and exploring;  hopefully there will be positive bursts of energy resulting from reuniting after a long and difficult summer.

May this new school year bring us all renewed hope and happiness and a year full of many special learning moments for both you and all of our students.

Wishing us all a wonderful school year!

 Hozer Mancal: Moedim of Testing for Special Populations
Please note the last line in this hozer:
Three-point students can take English Bagrut exam in the winter of the 11th grade. (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 Article about the Importance of Teaching Vocabulary in English in the Israel Hayom Newspaper (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 List of Approved Books for 2014-2015 (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 Operation Protective Edge - Ideas to Engage Students (posted Aug. 18, 2014)

 Breaking News!; Article in Walla about the new elective, International Communication in English: מגמת אנגלית חדשה לתלמידי 5 יחידות בתיכונים (posted Aug. 15, 2014)

As of September 1, 2014, more than 700 teachers had registered their interest in taking the 60-hour teacher training course in the Art of Communication. There are far more teachers interested than there are spots in the course. Nevertheless, we have decided to keep registration open. The process of selecting the teacher most able to implement the program will require the completion of a separate form (one signed by your principal, the form will be posted here in the next two weeks). The teacher training course will most likely run from January-the beginning of July, 2015.  -Jennifer Sternlicht, the National Coordinator of International Communication in English, at starlightfam@gmail.com

 Registration has begun for the teacher refresher course which will certify translation teachers to teach the Art of Translation in the new elective.
Please note that translation teachers must complete the refresher course to be certified to teach the Art of Translation.
Important: This course is only for accredited teachers of translation.
If you would like to become a translation teacher, information about registration for accreditation courses will be posted soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Gabi Rebed, National Coordinator
of Translation gabir@shiller.org.il (posted Aug. 12, 2014)
 A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary (posted Aug. 11. 2014) 

FAQs regarding the new elective Art of Communication in English (posted Aug. 6, 2014)


 Announcements in the Hozer Mancal, November 2013: Writing in Coursebooks  (posted Dec. 12, 2013)


Bagrut Exams

 Apply to mark Bagrut Exams - Application Form

 To Download – Form for Inspector's Approval


  Teaching English in the Israeli School System

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