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  • פדגוגיה בעידן החדש-Teaching in a Digital Age- Storytelling (for teachers of all grades).
    Save the date for this exciting course. Register here (posted November 2016)

  • Trigger-happy fingers on the keyboard – Taking responsibility for your words. Activities for middle and high school students to mark 21 years since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
    (posted November 2016)

  • We are happy to invite you to the online course Debating Matters (high school).

    The people who registered their interest earlier in taking this online course, should now register for the course. The dates and the syllabus are posted. People who have signed before should register now.
    (posted November 2016)

  • In-Service Training Course: Pedagogical Innovations and Research in EFL at Talpiot College of Education. This course is recognized for level 7-9 in Ofek Chadash. Register here.  (posted October 2016)

  • National Public Speaking Competition. In English - updated and in Hebrew. (posted October 2016)

  • Google Translate Community Competition

    In light of the success of last year's pilot competition, the Ministry of Education and Google, Israel, have joined forces to kick off another Google Translate Community Competition!

    We are pleased to invite you  and your classes to have an impact on the real world, by helping us improve the capabilities of Google Translate, while encouraging them to work with and think about language, in a fun, meaningful way, and earn really cool prizes, while they're at it!

    We have prepared an entire kit with clear explanations of the rules of the competition, as well as optional lesson plans and accompanying resource materials both in English and in Hebrew. The competition is open to classes in the 8th -12th graders, and will run from October (left after we reconvene school, following the holidays) until January 26th.

    To read more about the program and how you and your class can join this program, please click here (posted October 2016)

  • Lesson Plan on Shimon Peres
    President Clinton's Eulogy for Shimon Peres and Poem. Sent by Sandy Regev. (posted October 2016)

  • Dear English teachers and counselors,
    This year, the Inspectorate of English will offer a variety of online in-service training courses to develop 21st Century skills.

    These courses are part of the Ministry of Education's professional development "greenhouse" program called
    איחוד מול ייחוד  (Unification versus Specificity) and are a special opportunity for teachers who are interested to learn and work on models for the literature initiative in their classes.

    As part of "pedagogical greenhouse", Pedagogical Secretariat, developed a training model that combines online instructional expertise with knowledge in the different disciplines to contribute to the development of a common pedagogical language across the disciplines and in the schools.

    This year, five online courses of 30 hours each will be taught in English:
    Registration for the courses has begun.  The courses themselves are slated to begin in January.
    To register for:

    פדגוגיה בעידן החדש-Teaching in a Digital Age- Storytelling (for teachers of all grades)

    רטוריקה- Get them Talking (Rhetoric and Public Speaking for teachers of elementary and junior high)

    דיבט-Debating Matters (high school) -  click here
    scroll down to the generic course title in Hebrew and choose the course listed as אנגלית.

    To register for either
    מטלת ביצוע-Literature Projects and performance-based tasks (-מטלת ביצועhigh school)

    מטלת ביצוע-Conflict Management Project (מטלת ביצוע, teachers of the advanced Diplomacy major) - click here

    Additional details are in this letter in Hebrew

    To a year of fruitful learning and teaching.
    Yours, Tziona          (posted September 2016) 
  • The Ministry of Education together with the National Lottery (Mifal HaPayis) is offering scholarships to train student teachers of English. The aim is to recruit and encourage more individuals to become English teachers in Israel while coping with the shortage of English  teachers in the country. (posted August 2016)

  • Dear teachers,

    As you know, students are glued to their phones, especially to Whatsapp.  Why not take advantage of this application in order to provide an opportunity for them to read about interesting topics in English?
    We are happy to ​announce a new Whatsapp project in which ​we will send teachers a short reading text on a variety of topics of interest to students in the 7-12 grades.  Teachers will then forward the post to their students in their own Whatsapp groups.

    The idea behind this project is to encourage students to read more outside of the classroom. It can be a basis for a short class discussion or if teachers decide, they can add questions and give extra bonus points to students who read and answer the questions.

    The Ministry of Education has already been doing Whatsapp projects such as this in other subjects and they have been ​extremely successful.

    We are inviting JHS and HS teachers who have Whatsapp groups with their students  to register for the project. Messages will be sent using a broadcast list in ​W​hatsapp.​​ I​n order for you to get the Whatsapp messages, please add my phone number to your contacts 052-4779394 Sigalit Whatsapp Project and please fill out your details in this form.  (posted February, 2016)




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