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  • Dear teachers,

    As you know, students are glued to their phones, especially to Whatsapp.  Why not take advantage of this application in order to provide an opportunity for them to read about interesting topics in English?
    We are happy to ​announce a new Whatsapp project in which ​we will send teachers a short reading text on a variety of topics of interest to students in the 7-12 grades.  Teachers will then forward the post to their students in their own Whatsapp groups.

    The idea behind this project is to encourage students to read more outside of the classroom. It can be a basis for a short class discussion or if teachers decide, they can add questions and give extra bonus points to students who read and answer the questions.

    The Ministry of Education has already been doing Whatsapp projects such as this in other subjects and they have been ​extremely successful.

    We are inviting JHS and HS teachers who have Whatsapp groups with their students  to register for the project. Messages will be sent using a broadcast list in ​W​hatsapp.​​ I​n order for you to get the Whatsapp messages, please add my phone number to your contacts 052-4779394 Sigalit Whatsapp Project and please fill out your details in this form.  (posted February, 2016)




   Last Updated:  20/07/2017  

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