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 In the very near future, a new Chief Inspector for English Language Education and Diplomacy for International Communication in English will be appointed.  Until then, please contact the English Inspector of your school for any questions you may have.  Click here to find a list of the Inspectors and their contact information and a list of the areas where they work.

If you have any questions regarding students with special educational needs or students with Learning Disabilities, please write to Aharona Gvaryahu at gvaryahu@gmail.com

If you are not working in a school, please contact Moshe Zafrani, Head of the Language Dept in the Ministry of Education:  Moshe Zafrani <mosheza@education.gov.il>.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, full of smiles and laughter and many special moments.

For the last time,
Judy  (posted April 2016)

 Update regarding the Literature Program:  Yesterday there was a meeting with Ariel Levy, Deputy Director General of the Pedagogical Administration, Dalia Fenig, Acting Head of the Pedagogical Secretariate, and Ron Erez, Head of the Teachers' Union about the Logs.  It was emphasized that instead of three summative assessments for the Log, there will only be two.

הבהרות לתלקיטים


  Changes in the School-Based Assessment Program in English: Literature – Modules B, D and F and the External Module G (posted March 2016)

  שינויים בתכנית ההערכה וההיבחנות הבית ספרית באנגלית


 Tender​s (מכרזים)​ fo​r​​​:

Chief Inspector of English​ for English​ Language Education​

English Inspector (Northern Region)

 To the English Teaching Community in Israel,
I am privileged to have reached the age when I can retire.

After a quarter of a century (minus one year!) of being the Chief Inspector for English Language Education and Diplomacy and International Communication in English, I have decided that it is time to rewire.  I am looking forward to meeting the challenges that this new stage in my life will bring.
I will be leaving my office for the last time before Passover.
If I can be of any assistance prior to my departure, please let me know. I will be glad to provide whatever assistance I can in order to ensure a smooth transition.


A Letter to High School Principals about Diplomacy and International Communication in English (posted February, 2016)

 Diplomacy and International Communication in English
אני שמחה לבשר שבאישורו של ד"ר משה דקלו, מנהל אגף הבחינות ,תלמידים יכולים לשלב מגמת דיפלומטיה עם מגמת ערבית או כל שפה אחרת.
! מאחלת לכם הצלחה עם פתיחת מגמת דיפלומטיה בבית ספרכם
ג'ודי וג'ניפר    (posted January 2015)

 I am happy to announce that we have in our Facebook group - English Teaching Community in Israel more than 4000 members from all over the world who are sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting answers!

We are still waiting for all those who haven't yet joined! You can join the group by logging into your Facebook account and in the search box entering the name of the group or go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1579374488953020/ 
(posted May, 2015)



Bagrut Examinations


Information about the Listening Comprehension and CD Tracks, Summer MOED BET (posted June 2016)

   Information about Teacher-Training 2016-17 in Diplomacy and International Communication in English (posted May 2016)

 Rubric for Assessing Oral Social Interaction (posted December 2015)

 בחינות הבגרות באנגלית לנבחנים אקסטרניים: החל ממועד חורף  2016 (posted November, 2015)

 Dear Teachers,

We are happy to present you with the updated version of the Teachers' ​Literature ​Handbook.
PLEASE NOTE: There are TWO versions. The OLD version is still relevant for this year's 12th graders. The NEW version relates to this year's 10th and 11th graders and beyond. ​(posted October 2015)


 Approved Dictionaries for the English Bagrut Exams (posted October 2015)

 Hozer Mafmar and Sample Exams (posted August 2015)

 Curriculum 2015 (posted May 2015)

 Dear teachers,

Many of you have asked me how the final grades for 3, 4, and 5 points are calculated.  Below is the explanation.  Please note that this is only for students who are in the 11th and 12th grades this year.  Hope you find this useful!

Three Points
A = 27%
B = 26%
C = 27%
Oral exam = 20%
TOTAL:  100%

Four Points
C = 27%
D = 26%
E = 27%
Oral exam = 20%
TOTAL:  100%

Five Points
E = 27%
F = 26%
G = 27%
Oral exam - 20%
TOTAL:  100%     (posted April 2015)

 Explanations of the Changes in the Literature Program  (posted Sept. 9, 2014) 

 To Download – Form for Inspector's Approval to Mark Bagrut Exams





  Request for Hours for Native Speaker Pupils in Elementary School 2016-2017

 ETAI Conference - Attending the entire conference and doing the assigned task will earn you 30 hours of gmul with a grade. See more details. (posted May 2016)

 An Educational Program on the Holocaust (posted April 2016)

 Teaching English to Immigrant Pupils in Israel Principles and Practice (posted March 2016)

 Dear teachers,

As you know, students are glued to their phones, especially to Whatsapp.  Why not take advantage of this application in order to provide an opportunity for them to read about interesting topics in English?
We are happy to ​announce a new Whatsapp project in which ​we will send teachers a short reading text on a variety of topics of interest to students in the 7-12 grades.  Teachers will then forward the post to their students in their own Whatsapp groups.

The idea behind this project is to encourage students to read more outside of the classroom. It can be a basis for a short class discussion or if teachers decide, they can add questions and give extra bonus points to students who read and answer the questions.

The Ministry of Education has already been doing Whatsapp projects such as this in other subjects and they have been ​extremely successful.

We are inviting JHS and HS teachers who have Whatsapp groups with their students  to register for the project. Messages will be sent using a broadcast list in ​W​hatsapp.​​ I​n order for you to get the Whatsapp messages, please add my phone number to your contacts 052-4779394 Sigalit Whatsapp Project and please fill out your details in this form.  (posted February, 2016)

 Call to Action - Educational Initiatives from  הקרן לעידוד יוזמות חינוכיות  (posted January 2016)

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