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 I am happy to announce that we have in our Facebook group - English Teaching Community in Israel more than 2000 members from all over the world who are sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting answers!

We are still waiting for all those who haven't yet joined! You can join the group by logging into your Facebook account and in the search box entering the name of the group or go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1579374488953020/ 
(posted May, 2015)



Bagrut Examinations


 Guidelines from the Testing Dept. about the Summer Moed Bet Bagrut Exams  (posted July, 2015)

 Information about Moed Bet


A.  Please note that the English Bagrut exams will be starting at TEN o'clock. information about the timetabling has already been posted.


B.  I will be available from 8:00 - 9:30 at 02 560 3587.  After that I will be available at the mateh habechinot.  Let's all hope for a very quiet moed, allowing our students to do their very best!

Wishing us all lots of good luck and many smiles before, during and after the exams

Judy   (posted July, 2015)

 Announcement from the Testing Dept. about the grades of the LOGS:​​

נתגלתה בעיה בקליטת חלק מציוני התלקיט בשאלונים
016177, 016155.
אנו מתנצלים על התקלה ופועלים לתקנה.
בזמן הקרוב המערכת תעלה עם הציונים המתוקנים.
עמכם הסליחה
​אגף הבחינות​    (posted July, 2015)

 The Oral LD Exam, Summer MOED BET 2015 (posted June, 2015)

 Information about the Summer MOED BET Bagrut Exams 2015 (posted June 2015)   

 Timetable of the Summer MOED BET Bagrut Exams 2015 (posted June 2015)

 Information about the Listening Comprehension, Summer Moed BET 2015 - end of page (posted June 2015)

 CD Tracks, Summer Moed BET Bagrut Exams 2015 (posted June 2015)

 Translation Exam


If there are any questions tomorrow regarding the Translation Skills exams, please call me at 0506282273.


Good luck!
 Curriculum 2015 (posted May 2015)

 Literature Bagrut Teachers who did the Log:
After presenting the problem of when the 9588 form has to be submitted for the Log, the Testing Dept. has agreed that the 9588 form can be submitted no later than May 18th. (posted May 2015)

 Timetable of the Summer Bagrut Exams 2015 (posted May, 2015)

 Update about the Translation Skills Bagrut Exam (posted May, 2015)

 Dear teachers,

Many of you have asked me how the final grades for 3, 4, and 5 points are calculated.  Below is the explanation.  Please note that this is only for students who are in the 11th and 12th grades this year.  Hope you find this useful!

Three Points
A = 27%
B = 26%
C = 27%
Oral exam = 20%
TOTAL:  100%

Four Points
C = 27%
D = 26%
E = 27%
Oral exam = 20%
TOTAL:  100%

Five Points
E = 27%
F = 26%
G = 27%
Oral exam - 20%
TOTAL:  100%     (posted April 2015)

 The Translation Skills Bagrut exam will take place on May 14, 2015 at 11:00
Lots of good luck to your students! (posted March 2015)

 Please note that grades for the Oral Bagrut examination are reported on form 9555.  (In a document sent to the schools by the Testing Dept. it was written to report the grades on form 9588 which is not correct. )  Good luck to your students! (posted March 2015)

 End of Sanctions - Updates about Students with Learning Difficulties Requesting Testing Accommodations

 Updated Questionnaire for LD Students (Oral exam / Double Accommodation)  (posted February, 2015)

 Explanation about Bagrut examinations for External Students (posted November, 2014)

 Information about Students with Learning Difficulties Requesting Testing Accommodations   
הנחיות להתאמות בבחינת הבגרות באנגלית לתלמידים בעלי לקויות למידה ותלמידים בעלי קשיים מיוחדים – תשע"ה  (posted November, 2014)

 FAQs regarding the Changes in the Literature Program and the Bagrut Reforms (posted Nov. 5, 2014) (posted November, 2014)

 Rubric for Assessing the Written Task - New Module C (posted Nov. 5, 2014)

 Explanations of the Changes in the Literature Program  (posted Sept. 9, 2014) 

 To Download – Form for Inspector's Approval





 Internal Meitzav Exams, 2015: Fifth and Eighth Grades (posted April, 2015)






 Click here to register to Online Literature Summer Courses.
(posted June 2015)

 Share your thoughts about sustainability issues, the current economic and sociopolitical crisis and the future in this anonymous survey run by UNESCO. (posted June 2015)

 Teach and Learn American English with the U.S. Embassy – for FREE on-line resources
Click here for more information on U.S. Department of State programs and opportunities for EL Educators and students

 A Letter to Elementary School Principals about Allocation of Hours to Native Speaker Students (posted May 2015)

 The M.A. Program for Multilingual Education at Tel-Aviv University (posted March 2015)

 I am happy to announce that a copy of A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary has been sent to ALL schools.  This guide will give teachers lots of ideas about implementing the vocabulary component in the classroom.  The document is also posted on our site. Enjoy!  (posted February 2015)

 The ABLE Kit (Assess Basic Literacy Skills in English) (posted February 2015)

 חוזר מנכ"ל: (תשעה) 3.6-2  פורטל חדש לעובדי הוראה
(posted February 2015)

 חוזר מנכ"ל: (תשעה) 3.1-3  מענקי הקרן לעידוד יזמות חינוכיות לשנת התשע"ו   
(posted February 2015)

 עדכון: לימודי מיומנויות התרגום לתלמידים בכיתה י' בשנה"ל תשע"ו
(posted February 2015)

 I am very happy to announce that I have opened up a Facebook group called: English Teaching Community in Israel. You can join the group by logging into your Facebook account and in the search box entering the name of the group.

Come and join us!

Judy                   (posted December, 2014)

 Diplomacy and International Communication in English (posted Nov. 5, 2014)

 מכתב למנהלים:דיפלומטיה ותקשורת בינלאומית בשפה האנגלית – מקצוע בחירה חדש
(posted Nov. 5, 2014)

 The approved bilingual dictionary is the Zilberman which is in grey with red stripes (not the small red one ed. 2008)

Shimon  Zilberman, The New Comprehensive Hebrew-English/ English Hebrew Dictionary, 2012. (posted Oct. 27, 2014)

 Pedagogical Counselor for English Teachers of Immigrant Pupils in Israel (posted Oct. 25, 2014)

 Breaking News!; Article in Walla about the new elective, International Communication in English: מגמת אנגלית חדשה לתלמידי 5 יחידות בתיכונים (posted Aug. 15, 2014)

As of September 1, 2014, more than 700 teachers had registered their interest in taking the 60-hour teacher training course in the Art of Communication. There are far more teachers interested than there are spots in the course. Nevertheless, we have decided to keep registration open. The process of selecting the teacher most able to implement the program will require the completion of a separate form (one signed by your principal, the form will be posted here in the next two weeks). The teacher training course will most likely run from January-the beginning of July, 2015.  -Jennifer Sternlicht, the National Coordinator of International Communication in English, at starlightfam@gmail.com
 A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary (posted Aug. 11. 2014) 


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