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 I am happy to announce that we have in our Facebook group - English Teaching Community in Israel more than 3000 members from all over the world who are sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting answers!

We are still waiting for all those who haven't yet joined! You can join the group by logging into your Facebook account and in the search box entering the name of the group or go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1579374488953020/ 
(posted May, 2015)



Bagrut Examinations


 מדריכה ארצית חדשה למיומנויות התרגום (posted November, 2015)

Registration for Online Literature Courses. Additional courses have been posted. (posted November, 2015)

 בחינות הבגרות באנגלית לנבחנים אקסטרניים: החל ממועד חורף  2016 (posted November, 2015)

 Rubric for Assessing the Written Task - New Module C for Students who Started Studying in the Tenth Grade 2014-2015 
(posted November 2015)

 Diplomacy and International Communication in English,the first five-point elective(מגמה)
taught in English opened this Fall in over twenty schools. Now, approximately 400 students across Israel from Naharia to Eilat are studying the new elective. Find out more about this exciting educational endeavor by entering this site.  (posted October 2015)

  Teacher-Training courses for Diplomacy and International Communication in English:This year, schools that have opened the major with a single teacher will be given the opportunity to have other teachers at their school trained. There will also be a limited opportunity for new schools to join the program by taking one of the training courses. Interested schools should be prepared to open the major in September 2016. We recommend building a staff of 2-3 teachers for the major. Register here.  Courses are being offered in the primary course of study, Communication Skills to begin this month and for Conflict Management later in the year.  (posted October 2015)

 FAQs Regarding the Literature Bulletin (posted October 2015) 

 Dear Teachers,

We are happy to present you with the updated version of the Teachers' ​Literature ​Handbook.
PLEASE NOTE: There are TWO versions. The OLD version is still relevant for this year's 12th graders. The NEW version relates to this year's 10th and 11th graders and beyond. ​(posted October 2015)


 Approved Dictionaries for the English Bagrut Exams (posted October 2015)

 Hozer Mafmar and Sample Exams (posted August 2015)

 Curriculum 2015 (posted May 2015)

 Dear teachers,

Many of you have asked me how the final grades for 3, 4, and 5 points are calculated.  Below is the explanation.  Please note that this is only for students who are in the 11th and 12th grades this year.  Hope you find this useful!

Three Points
A = 27%
B = 26%
C = 27%
Oral exam = 20%
TOTAL:  100%

Four Points
C = 27%
D = 26%
E = 27%
Oral exam = 20%
TOTAL:  100%

Five Points
E = 27%
F = 26%
G = 27%
Oral exam - 20%
TOTAL:  100%     (posted April 2015)

 Explanations of the Changes in the Literature Program  (posted Sept. 9, 2014) 

 To Download – Form for Inspector's Approval to Mark Bagrut Exams




 Invitation for a Talk about The Freedom Writer Method given by Erin Gruwell (posted November, 2015)

 Meitzav Reports - Main Findings (posted November, 2015)

  (posted November, 2015)

 The Global School Twinning Program: The Journey to Peoplehood
An Online Course for Educators. Outline for Online Course  (posted November, 2015)

 Learning in an Emergency -"Tzav Shmone Chinuchi"  - "צו 8 חינוכי" (posted November, 2015)

 Siach Va Sig-Israeli Debating Society invites your students to participate in the National Public Speaking League both in Hebrew and in English (posted October, 2015) 

 Training Course for Teaching Translation Skills (posted September, 2015)

 Reading for Pleasure: Recommended List of Books According to Grade Levels (Elementary and JHS) (posted September 2015)

 Resources for Violence and Tolerance (posted August 2015)

 Teach and Learn American English with the U.S. Embassy – for FREE on-line resources
Click here for more information on U.S. Department of State programs and opportunities for EL Educators and students

 I am happy to announce that a copy of A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary has been sent to ALL schools.  This guide will give teachers lots of ideas about implementing the vocabulary component in the classroom.  The document is also posted on our site. Enjoy!  (posted February 2015)

 The ABLE Kit (Assess Basic Literacy Skills in English) (posted February 2015)


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