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 Dear English Teachers,

The first day of school always has its special energy, unlike any other day of the year.  Feelings of anticipation, curiosity, and happiness all come together.
However, this year unfortunately is  marked by additional feelings as a result of a country that has been at war; feelings of loss, sadness, fear, and uncertainty.

Hopefully, our students will find comfort of once again being together, sharing and exploring;  hopefully there will be positive bursts of energy resulting from reuniting after a long and difficult summer.

May this new school year bring us all renewed hope and happiness and a year full of many special learning moments for both you and all of our students.

Wishing us all a wonderful school year!

 Hozer Mancal: Moedim of Testing for Special Populations
Please note the last line in this hozer:
Three-point students can take English Bagrut exam in the winter of the 11th grade. (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 Article about the Importance of Teaching Vocabulary in English in the Israel Hayom Newspaper (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 List of Approved Books for 2014-2015 (posted Aug. 24, 2014)

 Operation Protective Edge - Ideas to Engage Students (posted Aug. 18, 2014)

 Breaking News!; מגמת אנגלית חדשה לתלמידי 5 יחידות בתיכונים (posted Aug. 15, 2014)

 Registration has begun for the teacher refresher course which will certify translation teachers to teach the Art of Translation in the new elective.
Please note that translation teachers must complete the refresher course to be certified to teach the Art of Translation.
Important: This course is only for accredited teachers of translation.
If you would like to become a translation teacher, information about registration for accreditation courses will be posted soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Gabi Rebed, National Coordinator
gabir@shiller.org.il (posted Aug. 12, 2014)

 A Practical Guide for Teaching Vocabulary (posted Aug. 11. 2014) 

FAQs No. 2 regarding the new elective Art of Communication in English (posted Aug. 6, 2014)

 FAQs about the new elective (posted July 17, 2014)

 Letter to High School Principals about the New English Elective International Communication in English (posted July 14, 2014)

 Information about registering for the teacher training course for the new Bagrut elective International Communication in English (posted July 14, 2014) 

 Free Online English Digital Day Camp

משרד החינוך באמצעות חברת אלנט פתח אתר "קייטנה דיגיטאלית" הכולל שיעורים סינכרוניים באנגלית*, פעילויות, חידונים ומשחקים בנושאים שונים.
האתר על שלל פעילויותיו פתוח לכלל תלמידי ישראל בשעה קשה זו.
*שימו לב, השיעורים הסינכרוניים נפתחים ביום ובשעה מסוימים. לא ניתן להיכנס לשיעור שלא במועד המצוין. (posted July 9, 2014)

 There are no words to express our deep sadness and great sense of loss
at the untimely and horrible deaths of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frankel, and Ayal Yifrach.
The English Inspectorate extends our deepest and heartfelt condolences to our dear friend and colleague Shaula Frankel, Naftali's grandmother.

The families are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish them continued strength in these most challenging times. (posted July 1st, 2014)


 Micrazim:  English Inspector in Tel Aviv and the North.  (posted June 29, 2014)

 1. The Ministry of Education has decided on a series of Bagrut reforms that include:
       a.  no Bagrut testing in the tenth grade for any subject;
       b.  two external English Bagrut exams and one school-based assessment for
            each level;
       c.   matching the curriculum to the number of hours a subject is studied
            (Curriculum 2015):
           i.     Since learning a language is based on skills, the domains of Social 
                  Interaction, Access to Information and Presentation remain the 
                  same.  This represents 74% of the English studies (two modules and the
                  oral exam).
           ii.    The Domain of Appreciation of Language, Literature and Culture 
                  represents 26% of the curriculum which is assessed by the school.  This
                  has been highlighted in green in the Revised Curriculum.

2.    As a result of the above reforms, changes have been made for the English Bagrut exams. Every effort has been made to minimalize changes.  The
Halima document 2014-2015 includes information about adapting the English Bagrut according to the Bagrut reforms and also provides detailed information about each of the modules.  Additional details will be posted in the near future.
3. International Communication  - This is a new elective for the Bagrut! (The document in Hebrew)     (posted June1st, 2014)

 Request for Hours for Native Speaker Pupils in Elementary School 2014-2015 (posted May 26, 2014)

 M.Ed. program at Shaanan College: TEACHING ENGLISH IN A DIGITAL AGE English teachers with suitable qualifications are welcome to apply.  Classes are open to women. Shaanan will be happy to open a men’s class as well pending registration. (posted May 17, 2014)

 Format of the A, B, and C modules (Hozer Mancal חוזר מנכ''ל תשעד/4, כ"ד כסלו התשע"ד, 27 בנובמבר 2013)
Students taking the A, B or C exam this year, will continue with the same format next year.
Regarding students who will be in the tenth grade next year,  the new format of the A, B and C modules will soon be posted, based on the Minister's Bagrut reforms.
(posted May 7, 2014)

 Information about Random Sampling of the Logs  (posted April 30, 2014)

 M.Ed. Program in English Language Teaching at Oranim Academic College of Education (posted May 4, 2014)

 Spelling Site on Galim for Elementary School Pupils (posted May 4, 2014)

 We are extremely pleased to inform you that the U.S. State Department has launched many new, interesting, and creative English Language resources which are FREE for English language professionals.  Please take a look at the links below and visit http://americanenglish.state.gov  (posted April 27, 2014)

 MA Degree in Language Education at Tel Aviv University, more information. (posted Mar. 28, 2014)

 Micraz for English Inspector in the Arab Sector. Search for Micraz Number 27620.
Micraz for English Inspector in the Haredi Sector. Search for Micraz Number 27648
. (posted Feb. 28, 2014)

 The ‘Yousef Daghash’ ELT Memorial Scholarship (posted Feb. 17, 2014)
 M.A. Program in Translation and Interpreting Studies (posted Jan. 28, 2014)

 Siach Va Sig-Israeli Debating Society invites your students to participate in the National Public Speaking League (posted Jan. 20, 2014)


The English Inspectorate has lost a good friend, an exceptional educator and a very caring person. The death of Yousef Dagash, English Inspector for the Druze sector in the north, has saddened us all. There was still so much Yousef wanted to do; there were still so many things we wanted to share with him

For over two decades, Youself worked tirelessly to improve the level of English studies and to convey his educational values. So many teachers benefited from his caring, his support and his professionalism.

We will all miss him.

Dr. Judy Steiner and the English Inspectorate   (posted Jan. 14, 2014)

 To all Bagrut Examiners and teachers who want to be Bagrut Examiners:

Teachers who are interested in applying to Bagrut exams, please access: experts.education.gov.il  and follow the instructions.    (posted Jan. 14, 2014)

 Revised Curriculum
Based on feedback from meetings with teachers and publishers, minor changes have been made to the lexical lists. This revised curriculum now includes the updated lists. (posted January 7, 2014)

 Grants from the Fund for Innovative Teaching (posted January 3, 2014)

 Siach Va Sig-Israeli Debating Society invites your students to participate in the National Public Speaking League both in Hebrew and in English (posted Dec. 30, 2013) 

 Information about the Internal Meitzav Exams
 היערכות לקראת מבחני המיצ"ב הפנימי - תשע"ד 
'היערכות לקראת המיצ"ב בשנת הלימודים תשע"ד - אשכולות ב' ו-ד  (posted Dec. 23, 2013)

 Digital Tools for Teaching (posted Dec. 21, 2013) 

 Education Ministers of Israel and Britain have signed an agreement to cooperate and promote English studies in Israel. (posted Dec. 13, 2013)


שרי החינוך של ישראל ובריטניה חתמו על הסכם שיתוף פעולה לקידום לימודי האנגלית בישראל
שר החינוך, הרב שי פירון, חתם אמש (ג') עם מקבילו הבריטי, מייקל גוב, על הסכם לשיתוף פעולה וידע בין שתי המדינות, בתחום לימודי האנגלית. שיתוף הפעולה יכלול בין היתר תכנית חומש כלל ארצית, אשר פותחה על ידי המועצה הבריטית, המיועדת למאות מורים לאנגלית בישראל, וכוללת סמינרים משותפים להתמקצעות המורים, פיתוח כלים מקוונים והקניית מיומנויות למידה חדשות בשפה האנגלית המותאמות למאה ה- 21.


 Announcements in the Hozer Mancal, November 2013: Writing in Coursebooks  (posted Dec. 12, 2013)

 Update about the Changes in the Format of Modules A, B and C (for Summer 2015) (posted Dec. 12, 2013)

 Interested in making a significant contribution to English teaching in Israel?
Here is a very good opportunity!
The Book Evaluation Dept. in the Ministry of Education is looking for English teachers at all levels to evaluate coursebooks.For more information click here.

 Table of Specifications for the Meitzav Examinations: Fifth and Eighth Grades 2014  (posted Nov. 19, 2013)

 Meaningful English Language Learning - Sending Activities  (posted Nov. 14, 2013)

 List of Approved Sites (posted Nov. 6, 2013)

 Literature Courses for 2013-2014

This is a list of all of the Literature HOTS courses which will be offered this year.
In order to register for a F2F course, please be in touch with the Pisga listed next to the venue of choice.
In order to register for an online course, please check this site again beginning next week for the link to the registration form.

Good Luck!   (posted Nov. 3, 2013)

 EFL Digital Pedagogy in Israel  - Facebook Group
Digital pedagogy is not only the way of the future - it is already here upon us. This group is a place where teachers of EFL in Israel, especially (but not only) can show and tell, share, ask and answer questions about incorporating all things digital into our EFL classrooms. The group is affiliated with the English Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education in Israel and with the encouragement of the National Committee for Digital Pedagogy of the Israeli Board of Education.  (posted Oct. 8, 2013)

 Questionnaire for English Teachers about Students with Learning Disabilities Requesting Level Three Testing Accommodations (posted Sep. 17, 2013)

 Changes in the Format of Modules A, B and C (for Summer 2015) (posted September 1, 2013)

 Training course for teaching the 2-pt Bagrut in Translation Skills (posted August 30, 2013)

 Benchmarks for the Pre-Foundation Level (posted August 26, 2013)

 Dear High School Teachers,

We are very happy to announce the updated Literature Teachers’ Handbook, which can be downloaded from the front page of the TLC site. The updated Handbook includes all of the changes that have been decided upon and coincides with the Halima document. The entire file can be downloaded, however we highly recommend using it as a file on your computer, since the Table of Contents is linked to the different pages.  At the end of the Handbook there is a linked Appendix, which leads to all of the charts and files you will need to fill in, as well as other enrichment documents that you will find helpful for implementing this program.


Wishing you and your students a wonderful school year! (posted August 21, 2013)


 Clarification regarding Approved Dictionaries
The list of dictionaries goes into effect starting 26/8/2013 for the school year תשע"ד. However, students who will be in the tenth grade in September 2013 (תשע"ד), and have already purchased dictionaries, can continue using them until they complete the twelfth grade (תשע"ו).
(posted July 25, 2013)

 The English Department at Bar-Ilan University is now offering an MA in English Literature with a focus on Literary Translation from the language of your choice. Click here for more information. (posted July 17, 2013)

 Replacing the Mikud with a “Compatibility” Document (מסמך הלימה) (posted July 11, 2013)

 Approved Dictionairies
This list of dictionaries goes into effect starting 26/8/2013 for the school year תשע"ד.
(posted July 7, 2013)

 Approved Coursebooks (posted July 4, 2013)

 The Fund for Innovative Teaching: Application for Grants (posted Mar. 4, 2013)

 What Can We Learn from the Item Analysis of the Meitzav Exams? Recommendations for Teachers (posted Jan. 2nd, 2013)

 Oral Kit for assessing speaking in English in junior high school (posted Dec. 9, 2012)

 Dear English Teachers,
I am happy and proud to share with you this article.
Due to your hard work and devotion, students are able to progress and to achieve higher levels of English.
Keep up the good work!
Dr. Judy Steiner
Chief Inspector for English Language Education  (posted Sep. 5, 2011)


Bagrut Exams

 Apply to mark Bagrut Exams - Application Form

 To Download – Form for Inspector's Approval


  Teaching English in the Israeli School System

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