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 Learning English with Literary Texts (posted March 2020)


 Curriculum Intermediate Basic User 2  (posted February 2020)

Vocabulary Band II - Draft for Curriculum Intermediate Basic User 2

Letter with Explanation About the Excel File (posted February 2020)

 Learning about the CEFR (posted November 2019) 

 Stepping-stones to English Literacy Acquisition (SELA) (posted September 2019) 

 English Curriculum 2020 for Foundation Level (posted September 2019) 

 English Curriculum 2020 - Lexical Bands for Foundation Level  (posted September 2019)

 Guidelines for the Teaching of English at the Pre-Foundation Level Aligned with Can-Do descriptors (CEFR) & the  ABLE assessment KIT (posted August 2019)

 Revised English Curriculum Including Band III Lexis (posted July 2018)

 Curriculum for Pupils with Special Needs





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