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Meitzav Examinations

 English Teachers Needed to Mark Meitzav Tests
(posted August 2018) 

 Table of Specifications of the Meitzav Examination, 2017: Fifth and Eighth Grades (posted November, 2017)

 The following students are eligible to  be in the "Reading accommodation Groups"  (כיתת הקראה ) during the Meitzav exams.
1. Students who receive support in school via " Sal Shiluv (  inclusion  program)
2. Students defined by the school as having learning disabilities who require someone to read to them in order to properly reflect their knowledge
3. Students who require a more comfortable and supportive atmosphere
(in other words students who might have special difficulties and who perform better in a smaller and more supportive setting but who are not included in the official inclusion program.
 RAMA does not check to see which of the students has been assessed 
(מאובחן) as having learning disabilities, and relies on the schools discretion in this regard. Thus, if there is indeed a consideration on the part of the school that their students might have a learning disability, ( that has until now not been diagnosed) they too can be included under the rubric of  having a " learning disability" when signing them up for the MEITZAV examination.
 It is of course important to remember that not all students benefit from being read to, nor do all students feel more secure when they are in a smaller group.
 In addition, it is very important to take into consideration the students language skills in English – therefore a student who does not benefit from being read to , should NOT be put in the "reading accommodation group".
(posted February 2017).
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Meitzav Reports - Main Findings (posted November, 2015)

  Internal Meitzav Exams, 2015: Fifth and Eighth Grades (posted April, 2015)

 Information about the Internal Meitzav Exams
 היערכות לקראת מבחני המיצ"ב הפנימי - תשע"ד 
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Kit of Past Meitzav Exams

 Table of Specifications of the Meitzav Examination, 2013: Fifth Grade
(posted Nov. 5)

 Meitzav Updates from RAMA (posted September 8, 2013)

 Guidelines for Marking the Meitzav English Exams 2012
(posted May 10, 2012)


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