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Bank of Performance Assessment Tasks in English for Grades 5 and 6

For Hebrew Speakers

The Development Team


Here is a bank of performance tasks for Grades 5 and 6, which is designed to enhance your repertoire of assessment strategies for evaluating student's skills. A performance task is a task that requires the student to construct a response, usually complex in nature, and requires higher order processing skills. Performance tasks may be individual or group oriented. Most of these tasks are short-term and can be done in a single or double lesson.

You can use them either "as are" or through adaption to your specific teaching/ learning context, thus ensuring valid and reliable assessment. These tasks may also serve as models when you design your own tasks.

This bank of performance tasks was divided into four categories in order to help you, choose a task according to the skills you are interested to assess.


Written Reception - Reading Comprehension

Spoken Reception - Listening Comprehension

Written Production- Different text types

Spoken Production - Presentation / Conversation






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