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Adult Education in Israel - 13

Editor: Dr. Ido Bassok
Editorial board: Ms. Magi Koren (chairperson),
Ms. Rina Cohen, Dr. Sara Rubinstein, Dr. Eitan
Israeli, Mr. Shalom Buchbut, Ms. Ruth Friedman,
Ms. Sarah Golan, Ms. Rina Laor
Editorial council: Dr. Zivia Rahimi-Shafran, Ms. Hanna Blau,
Mr. Uri Dromi, Dr. Jonathan Mirvis, Dr. Noah
Hayut, Mr. Shalom Buchbut, Ms. Ruth Bloom
Graphic Design: Studio "Shoshana Shahar"
Published by: Publications Department, Ministry of Education
ISSN 0793-033-033
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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note 6
Adult Education in Israel: An Overview 8

Eitan Israeli - Thoughts on the State of Adult Education: 
The Glocalization Paradox


Magi Koren - Ad Halom Project - Parents Learn and Children 
Succeed: What we Learned and What we Achieved Up to Now


Digital Technologies and Adult Education:
The Challenge


Introductory Discussion: Digital Citizenship - The Adult 
Learner as an Effective User of New Technology – Interview with Nava Gilad


Integration of New Technology in the Education System:
Models and Goals


Orit Avidov-Ungar and Yoram Eshet-Alkalay - Islands of Innovation:
A critical analysis of a model for innovation implementation
 in school systems


Miki Kritz - Online Academy Leads Change in Schools: 
Integration of Learning Technologies in the Multi-Cultural Context

Dalit Levy - Two Types of MOOCs: An Overview 106
The Effects of New Technology on Learning 118

Rakefet Ackerman - On-Screen versus On-Paper Learning:
Which Media Enables More Effective Learning and Why?


Ofra Razel Technology for the Benefit of Individuals with 
Special Needs


New Technology and a Changing Perspective
about Teaching Hebrew


Rina Zaslavsky, Vera Agranovsky and Evgueny Maryanchik Using New Technological Tools to Teach Hebrew as a
Second Language in the FSU

Parents and Children in an Online World 160

Elizabeth Gal-on and Rina Cohen - Parents and Parenting in 
a Developing Digital Reality: The Challenge of Significant
Parenting in the Internet Age


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