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Adult Education in Israel 15

Editor: Dr. Ido Bassok
Language editor: Dvora Bitcover
Editorial staff: Ms. Maggie Koren, (Chairperson), Dr. Sarah Rubenstein, Ms. Rina Cohen, Dr. Eitan Yisraeli, Mr. Shalom Buchbut, Ms. Yaara Seroussi, Ms. Sarah Golan
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Publications Department, Ministry of Education
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Editorial - Adult Education: Many Paths to the Same Destination



Education and Employment: An Inseparable Pair? On Education and Higher Education as an Introduction to Work

Nitza DavidovitchAccess to Higher Education in Israel: The Dream and its Shattering



Moshe ShenfeldFormer Ultra-Orthodox Jews: From Falling Between the Cracks to a Genuine Opportunity



Rina CohenThe Source of Success: The Influence of Parents on Learning and Employment



Ella Barzilai and Ayelet Uriel-RaymondVolunteer Employment Mentors as a Support System for the Advancement of Low-income Workers



Arabs in Israel vs. Hebrew: Coping Methods

Orly Kayam and Tiana HirschFamily language policy, language practice, motivation, and planning among  Israeli Arab students



The Eradicating Ignorance Campaign: Evaluation and Summary from a Fifty-Year Perspective

Esther Schely-NewmanFirst Steps: The Operation Eradicate Ignorance: A Fifty-Year Perspective



Rachel Tokatly From "Eradicating Ignorance" to "Tehila": Summary Statement



50 Years Commemoration of Mordechai Martin Buber (1878-1965), Philosopher of Adult Education and Initiator of Israel's First Center for Training Adult Education Teachers

Tamar KronDialogue in Adult Education



Buber's Outlook on Adult Education: A Compass in a Directionless World - Interview with Professor Dan Avnon. Interviewer: The editor



Ron MargolinJewish Nationalism as Religiosity without Religion: The Meaning of Judaism According to Martin Buber and the Role of Education in Presenting this View to the Public



Adult Education: Research and Action

Zvika AmirThe Competencies Survey in Israel, B: Designing Exercises and Developing Competencies among Respondents



EditorTransforming Adult Education in the Bedouin Sector in the South: Our Division Leads the Way



Research Staff RAMA (National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education)The Ad Halom [= Parents learn and children advance] Project - Summary and Recommendations



Adult Education in Israel – An Overview

Rachel Tokatly - Formal and Non-Formal Adult Education: Provision of Opportunities for Literacy, Numeracy and basic skills in Israel



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