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 Module G opinion writing


  Synonyms Be More Expressive Writing for Module G 


Creative Activities - Poetry


  Sayings as a Teaching Tool


  The ABC of  Friendship


 Creative writing prompts


 Chain story


 A Letter to Myself


 Telephone and Sentence Games


Guess who


Fact or opinion


 Gartitude Activity


What if?- Speaking game


Vocabulary Activities


 Sentence Race - vocab rev


 Learning English Idioms


 Rhyming Challenge


  Story templates




 Phrasal Verb Stories boys


 Phrasal Verb Stories girls


writing ideas for distance learning


My birthday project 3


Module C opinion writing 4 points


My Family and Me Project - 4 pts final


 Birthday Project - 3











  My Little Dictionary

  Writing Plan  1

  Writing Plan  2

  Poster: All About Me


  MyCity collaborative suggestions for the classroom teacher

 Fun Writing Activity

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