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Oral Exam

Computerized Oral Bagrut Test

- For questions about the COBE please contact Beverly Chazan, national counselor for the COBE at or at 058-4902765

- Clip - Guided tour COBE (posted October 2019)

Technical Information

- Suggested Technological and Pedagogical Guidelines COBE 016587- 5 Points and  016487 is for 4 points Computerized Oral Bagrut Exam 2020-2021  (Constantly updated. Posted September 2020)

-  Instructions for Students about the COBE in Hebrew  and in Arabic
(posted February 2018) (Updated October 2019)

- Letter to Principals (posted October 2019)

- Please note that an updated version of ITest 9.0.0 for the computerized oral Bagrut tests has been published by Matach. A notice about it was sent by SMS to teachers and administrators. More information is here  (posted October 2019)


Dates for the 2020-2021 COBE including Simulation Days (posted September 2020)

- Guidelines for COBE 2020-2021 and conversion of levels (posted September 2020) 

- Answer Keys for the COBE Simulations for December 2019 and January, February and March 2020.  (posted March 2020)

- Excel File for Calculation of Oral Tasks and COBE Mock Exam 2020, Semel 016587 (posted February 2020)

**Teachers are not allowed to use the COBE Bagrut as a Tirgul (practice) or Matkonet because once the students go into the program with their ID number then it counts as their Bagrut. Teachers may use the simulation on the day it is broadcast as a Matkonet. (posted December 2019)

Practice Material from Pre-2020 Format

- Old Format Simulations for Practicing  Speaking

- 2019 Simulation of the Computerized Oral Bagrut Exam 

- Answer Key for the 2019 Simulation Exam (it states 2018 but it's the same AK for 2019)  (posted February 2019)

Tziyun Shnati

- The written project continues to count in the calculation of the tsiyun shnatey/hagasha.  It is recommended that it count for 20% for 3 point students;  20-30% for 4 and 5 point students.
The project connected to the oral bagrut (COBE) is still a mandatory component for the exam.  Students must do a project so they can speak about it on Part B of  the exam. – Students CANNOT have their projects, any material or supplies with them in testing room. (posted September 2020) 

- The yearly (shnati) grades for the COBE are to be reported on the
Manbasnet/Mashov no later than 48 hours prior to the COBE. In most schools this is done by the Bagrut secretary. There is NO need to write the COBE grades  (updated: October 2019)

- For the Rubric and the Table of Specification of the E pilot see separate page. (posted October 2019)

Clips and Videos

-  Clip - Teaching and Assessing Speaking in the Israeli Classroom: COBE (posted October 2019) 

- Crossing borders: using English in new contexts by Sivan Rahav-Meir (posted September 2019)

Archived Messages

- COBE Teachers’ Made Materials  This material has NOT BEEN checked - before you use please make sure that all the information and materials on this page match the official ministry documents of the COBE 2020
(posted August 2019)

Guidelines, Rubrics and Tables of Specifications for the COBE 2020, Semel 016587 for Both 4 and 5 Point Students) (written by the COBE Team) (posted October 2019)

   Last Updated:  18/09/2020  

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