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(Assessing Speaking Kit (ASK

A resource for teachers in junior high school

Development and Introduction


Frequently Asked Questions. References and Glossary









Teacher's guide


Assessment tasks


Instructional activities




Students ask and answer simple questions about general topics, such as current events, future plans



Guide to Unit 1


Tasks for Unit 1


Activities for Unit 1




Students express personal wishes and opinions



Guide to Unit 2


Tasks for Unit 2


Activities for Unit 2




Students interact for purposes such as giving instructions, complimenting, and giving advice



Guide to Unit 3


Tasks for Unit 3


Activities for Unit 3




Students engage in extended conversations



Guide to Unit 4


Tasks for Unit 4


Activities for Unit 4




Students present information taken from different sources

Students design different means for collecting information, such as surveys and interviews



Guide to Unit 5


Tasks for Unit 5


Activities for Unit 5


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