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Book Clubs for Students from Different Sectors

Suggested activity for Annual Theme in English


Suggested by: Amal English Dept.


The Book Clubs present a unique opportunity that combines the requirement of the English curriculum for extensive reading in high school and the need for interaction of multicultural groups of students. Teenagers from different schools share their thoughts and  feelings.  Each participating class is paired up with a class from a school from a different sector. The teachers of the schools taking part collaborate on book selection and related activities. Students in paired groups read the same book. 

Target Audience:

The Book Club program is suitable for implementation in schools in the Jewish, Arab and Druze sectors in the 10th and 11th grades for4- 5 point students.


  • Encourage reading in English
  • Enable students to appreciate literature and culture and become familiar with diverse social backgrounds in which the literary works are set
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Encourage discussions in English based on books students have read
  • Bring together students from different sectors living in Israel
  • Share different perspectives on the same book


Suggested Plan for Implementation of Book Club Program


Students are introduced to the program and get a copy of the book.

Timeframe:  5–7 weeks.

Procedure: Sustained silent reading, once a week for 20 minutes. Most reading is done at home.

1)   Pre-reading: Teachers give background information about the author and the period in which he wrote/the period in which the story is set. Students are encouraged to look for pictures, maps and other documents online.

2)   While reading:

  • Guiding questions will be given to enhance reading and monitor progress.
  • Story Map: Students are assigned the task of filling out a story map of the book.

3)    Post reading:  A joint meeting of students from the paired schools will be held to discuss the book and work together.

  • Part I - Icebreakers
  • Part II – Students are divided into small groups in which they discuss the different aspects of the book (characters, dilemmas/conflicts, historical background influencing the plot, and so on). Students are exposed to different perspectives.
  • Part III – Creative Task:  Students are given a creative group task to be presented in front of all the participants (newsmagazines, mini-debate, posters, short radio program, etc.).
  • Part IV-Final gathering: Icebreakers, discussion, group tasks (newsmagazine, mini- debate, etc.), followed by presentation of their products.

4)   Follow Up (optional):  Students exchange e-mail addresses/Facebook.

Students pair up again. Each pair is given a task – to interview each other via e-mail/Facebook and to get to know each other better. The aim is to open a line of communication outside the classroom.

Students are required to ask at least 10 questions to be answered by their partner.

For example of work products and other materials

Expansion- Authors, journalists or lecturers can be invited to one of the sessions.

The encounters of the Book Clubs are invaluable. Students encounter good literature, centering on humanistic, universal values; they encounter peers from other social background; they encounter professionals that expand their horizons.

For more information please contact  Rachel Tal at or Chaya Felcher at .

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